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Carrel  2/1/13

I'm Afraid of  . . .


Fear is a lack of understanding the depth of love which God has for us.  In the understanding of how much we are loved we know we are protected and cared for in every respect.  With this we say you will still stub your toe from time to time on your journey but even then this is for the education and experience.  To be protected from every experience is to be kept from growing stronger in the Light.  The richness of experience gained from incarnating here is invaluable for the expansion of the soul.  These experiences many times leave a residue in the Being.  These shadows of experiences gained may at times bring the remembrances of unpleasant events forward to the now.  This level of “I’d rather not do that” or “no way am I going to do that” is rooted in previous unpleasant experience.  Until these are cleared they remain active affecting the actions and reactions to similar or new experiences.    

We desire for you to grow seeing beyond the mortal limitations of the physical body knowing us as your family of kindred souls.


"We Are"

Carrel  12/2/12 (the numerology of this date is the "potential catalytic change in the perception of duality)           


Fear, Rumor and Gossip


It’s come to my attention in this time leading up the 12/21 center date of the Shift people may be subjected to an increased amount of pressure from the darker aspect of duality.  Now more than ever we are well served to resist any impulse to fall into fear over anything.  Fear, rumor and gossip are tools the darker side of duality uses to break the spirit and unity of Lightworkers to distract them from being in the Light.          

These lower emotions aren't fitting of a Lightworker, be alert and use your discernment to see the deception for what it is.  


Carrel 12/1/12


Now is the Time


It is in this hour humanity has access to the greatest potential offered once again.  The course of human development is yours to shape with every action you take.  Now in this moment as with every moment hereafter see the reflections of what could be.  The resulting experiences to come are in what you do in this now.  We send this message to give enlightenment of the great potential which exists.  If the desire is to be more, then set this desire at the top of the list.  Make it a priority in each day, focus the intent upon it, take it to heart, act upon it.  See it already manifest in the whole of your being, glow with the radiance of having obtained it already for time is only an illusion.  Be the magician, weave your magic into the very fabric of the all you see.  Make the illusion work for you rather than believing one is a puppet on a string.  There is no puppeteer holding the strings. This would be an illusion of Duality, cut them, be free, be that which you have always been.  You are the Divine essence of the Creator.

from a group consciousness only identified as We Are

Carrel 11/16/12            




What you think you know as the truth may not be completely correct, hence the term “a higher truth.”  As we learn more our understanding increases so we “see” more of the big picture.

Our guidance works with us in terms of what we understand the way things are to give us the best truth available in that understanding.  Even if what we think is true really isn't, they still allow the appearance to continue until we see the larger reality of a situation.  At that point we’ll have a new view of reality to work with which brings a “higher truth” founded in the greater understanding.  The statement about “what is truth for one person may not be truth for another” is based on perception and the understanding we have of any situation.   

Carrel 8/26/12  

We are all One


Its one thing to hear this statement and accept it, it’s entirely another thing to have the internal knowing this is true.   We are all one to such a degree we can not be separated in spite of our learning a false perception in the third dimension about feeling we’re all separate as individuals being detached from everything and alone.  This is the fog (aka veil) we must learn to see through in progressing past the self imposed limitations of linear thinking to become multidimensional.  Not to mention becoming an Ascended Master. (if anyone is interested in such a thing) ;-)

Carrel 7/30/12  

Who's driving this bus?


The path in life we take sometimes seems to be the scenic route to get to where we believe we should be going.  We gain from all the side trips in life which many times gives us valuable information we'll need in the future.  Everything in life has an element of timing, it serves no use to be early to an experience when the conditions are not yet correct.  The experience may not be ready for us or we may not be ready to have the experience in this moment.  It takes time to see and to be at peace with this concept allowing guidance to guide rather than driving our own tour bus through life.  We're not privileged to see the map of what our life could be so how can we expect to drive?  This after all is the whole point of the test of energies we participate in on Earth.  What will we do with our "Free Will?"  Our soul always has great plans if we don’t get in the way of them.  

Carrel 7/15/12 


Lightworker Questions


Why are we here?

We’re here to experience life and exercise our free will.

 What is my goal or path for this life? 

We are here to learn those lessons we set out to learn in this life.  If we do it’s good, if not it’s alright.

 What should I be doing?

This is really the core question most light workers have.  “I should be doing something and I don’t know what it is!”  The only thing we NEED to do is shine our light and hold to higher ideals.  We don’t need to talk to others or teach, or write, or anything else unless we feel drawn to do so.  Everything is optional beyond shining our Light for others to see and in doing so we set the example for others to follow without saying a word. 

To take this to a higher level we can send the love of light to those people, places, and situations in life needing help.  To do this with the highest effectiveness we need only send the light in its purest form without setting an intension of the result desired.  In allowing the light to do as it would we remove our expectations of what “should” happen and allow the correct Divine action to be taken for the good of all.

Carrel 5/21/12 

Where's My Path?


The perpetual question heard again and again.  The truth of it is just look down, you’re standing on it.  We are never off of our path, although we do have times when a fork in the road comes into view and we decide which way we will go next.  Even then we are still on the path which was planned out before we started this incarnation.  We seldom have a clue of what the Divine purpose of our being here is.  This is when trust and faith are put to use in the belief we are in the right place no matter where we are.

In the times when we “think” we know what the goal is, do we see enough of the picture to really see.  Shake the box and see if it rattles, maybe we can get a clue and guess what it is.  Have faith you are where you need to be, I don’t know of anyone that came here with a map.

Carrel 2/29/12  

Living with Joy


Living life with a song in the heart is joy itself.  The joy of every moment singing raises the vibrations.  It lightens every aspect of us, it lightens our load, it lightens our day, and it brightens us.  As we sing our way through the day our troubles bounce off of us and have no effect upon us.  We are joy itself and we live for this, there nothing else.

From John of the Sacred Heart

Carrel 2/23/12 

The other way to look at it


When life seems convoluted it means there’s so much more to unfold.

From Guidance 

Carrel Sheppard  2/21/12

Anchored in Time


At conception or soon there after we receive an energetic imprint to our DNA.  The purpose of this imprint is to lock us into the time frame, location, and family tree structure for this incarnation, plus . . . ???.

Some of this imprint is known in the animal kingdom as a homing instinct such as with the Salmon finding the stream in which they were hatched after a few years in the ocean.  Those with the sense who have flown back to the city of their birth have felt “strange” feeling, this is far less noticeable when driving.

It’s been said many times that as we age “we slow down.”  With age some people do get slower although there seems more to this.  The world around us looks like its going faster, which I believe it to be a fact.  Many of us have seen the speed of time increasing for decades now.  Having become aware of deeper information on the imprints the understanding on the “time stamp” makes sense.  This time stamp locks us into a point on the time line so we don’t drift.  Some people do drift with unpleasant sensations and this will affect the “being centered” or lack of it. 

The complexity of our existence is amazing when time is taken to see it.  

 Carrel Sheppard  1/22/12


Judgment vs. Discernment


The Divine perspective of good or bad, right or wrong is, they do not exist.  Everything is an experience and just that.  Coming to physicality means to have experience which is the way to become complete.  When we don our bodies stepping into the three dimensional world of Duality, the Ego comes forward to show us many things.  Usually what we could spend a bit of time working on the most.  The Ego comes equipped with labels, Good, Bad, Right, Wrong and so many, many more.  You’d think the Ego had stock in label makers.  Once the labeling starts there seems no end to more labels in an attempt to catch up with the limitlessness of Unique. 

While being in the body we lose track of our Divine perspective only to place everything into boxes with lots of labels on them.  The uniqueness of every individual makes this a problem, yet labels abound.  As children we learn to classify and label in increments of ever finer definition.  Applying labels calls for making judgments.  We judge things by size, shape, color, weight, bigger, smaller, taller, shorter, more than, less than, and the list continues on.  Making judgments removes the individuality of uniqueness which in effect clips the Angelic wings of those making judgments.  This is contrary in the learning to release the grip of the Ego in becoming complete.    

Discernment is personal choice rather than a value judgment.  What will work for me?  How do I feel about this?  Do I want to be around this?  These thoughts are our right to choose our relationship with all around us.  Even in our personal choices the Ego will try to interfere.  The Ego is invasive and persuasive, it will still attempt to influence us tilting the scale on our discernment unless we have vigilance.  Judgment dictates we label things, this is bad, this is good, this is wrong.  These labels imply value not only to the individual but rather as the measure of total worth.  The placing a value or lack of one on what is being judged seems to falls short of Divinity.  Is it a Divine perspective to place value on anything?  Everything in creation is of GOD.  So all that is, is GOD.  When the judgment of Ego is passed on something, GOD is being judged.  We are all ONE, to judge another is to judge the self.  Discernment is our right as Divine Beings and is born of Free Will given us by GOD.  Practicing discernment rather than judgment allows us to accept or not without making a judgment. 

Understanding is a key in discernment.  How will one discern if there is insufficient understanding to discern from?  Everything is unique, so said allowing for the uniqueness and accepting differences is unavoidable unless the Ego is in charge to make judgments labels.  In relationships everything is complex, to know what truth lies behind the perception of the words used gives understanding to base discernment on.  Misunderstandings are easy to come by as the perception of words used varies from person to person.  Everyone is unique, each with their own expression of being.  We ARE the only description which fits us.

Submission of the Ego to the Divine Spirit will come to each of us in our growth eliminating judgments.

Have compassion in understanding others.  I AM You

With the assistance of the Angel of Liberation 

Carrel Sheppard 1/7/12

The Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine or Pandora's Box


Everything we do is an experience and valuable in our learning to become complete.  We have experiences which are ones we want to do again and those we would rather not repeat. (once was enough thank you)  We learn from every experience (eventually) to become wiser in our choices having a greater understanding and perception.

The doorways of opportunity are all along our paths.  The choice is ours as to which we will open to experience what treasures are within or pass by without inquiry.  The doors which we’ve already entered will somewhat determine the course of our next learning encounter by leading us to other doorways within each new experience allowing us to gain deeper understanding in the search for higher truths.

Carrel Sheppard 10/2/11 

Taking the Ego Out of Loving Relationships


The best relationship will occur when the Ego is not involved.  The Ego has little use in establishing or the maintenance of a loving relationship.  The Ego is full of “I want and I need,” love is about giving and knowing you will receive in turn if the relationship is balanced.

How do you separate the Ego from a relationship?      

If I could write this I’d have a best seller to publish.  I would say to work with your guidance and ask for assistance from the Divine intelligence. (In what ever name you call this being)  

When this shift happens it will change the way you think about the one you love most and you’ll have no doubt if this change really happened.

Carrel Sheppard 8/27/11  

Bless those which trouble you


The day has in it many chances to find learning opportunities in many forms.  Some of the strongest reactions (reactions are a different subject) to the actions of others are the best chances to learn.  When we react this is our signal to observe our own motives and conditions.  We see in others what is really in us.  This is when we can learn the greatest lessons.

“Learning is not dependent upon the actions of others, the actions of others only set up the opportunity to learn.  Bless those who put you in a position to learn.”

Archangel Uriel

Carrel Sheppard 7/18/11 



Fear is an illusion of limitation.  To be past Fear is to free your heart and open it to all possibilities of the Universe, to be one with creation without limit for all of time.  Open your heart chakra wide and allow all that is to penetrate you as you in turn put your presence in everything that is.  Have no fear, fear does not exist except in your limitation and lack of understanding.

From St. Germain

Carrel Sheppard 7/9/11  

Of Love and Relationships



What is a relationship? Using incarnate terms it has a defined set of parameters based in the desires of the individual. The constructs of the parameters give form to the concept and an assessment will be made as to the completeness of the relationship in meeting the goals of that construct.


Love defies a precise definition as the concept of words fail to meet the challenge to quantify the emotional spirit of love, beyond this it's subjective to the state of being of each individual.

It desires to flow as the water and will always be moving to seek its own path without guidance. The attempt to maneuver love is at best an exercise of the Ego, not one of being spiritually adept.

Loving Relationships

Through out history the attempt to change the course of love has been written about and tried an infinite number of times with at best limited success. Duality exists between the attributes of Love and the incarnate construct of a relationship. The two are not harmonious together which results in the feeling of incompleteness leading to further discord. Mankind's efforts to direct a Tornado has had more of a positive result I'm sure.


The answer is simple although the execution takes more effort to achieve. And the answer is. . . “Let go of the expectations of what the relationship should look like and allow it to flow with it's own Free Will.” In releasing your preconceived concepts you allow love to happen for the highest good for both of you which would create the strongest bond. If love was not to be, you were in the wrong place and it would not have lasted despite your best efforts to direct love to conform to your desires. Love is truly spiritual, allow it to be the Divine essence it is and flow as it would. 

Written from the concept given to me by Metatron 

 Carrel Sheppard 6/25/11 

What do I do?


This question is one we all ask ourselves and guidance.   I recently asked my guidance this question on a matter which I know has far reaching implications.   I was asking if one course of action is better than another one or maybe doing nothing is the best plan.   The response to doing nothing was “you are assured of nothing by doing nothing.”  At times doing nothing could be the best choice.  My understanding is that we need to follow our hearts and take the course of action WE feel is the best one so as to learn discernment and by so doing we retain our own power rather than give it to others by following what they say we should do.   

 Carrel Sheppard 6/16/11  

Love is the purest form of Light


Learn to close the past with forgiveness to remove the clutter freeing the heart for a greater capacity of love.

Incredible wonders await the eyes of the soul in ways not yet perceived with a burdened heart.

Shape your reality as you will tailored to your desires.

Remember to conceive your future looking through the eyes of a young heart unburdened.

Bless all beings great and small to extend the love of the creator to every particle of existence.

The love of the father is your birth right, this love is magnified every time you share the love with other beings.

Miserliness with love constricts the ability to express your Divine Spirit trapping you within the confinements of your own making.

Learn these lessons to free your heart for more Love.

The Light you seek is Love in it's purest form.


Carrel Sheppard 5/10/11 from an unidentified archangel 


Short and to the Point


"I have given you many tools to use, know your path, chose your steps wisely."

Channeled from I AM 

Carrel Sheppard 5/8/11

Know That You Have Come Far


“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”  You have all been walking for so long now and some have become weary of this journey.  The daily routine seems endless.  Some get stuck into looking down at the path to keep from tripping over the obstacles only to walk into a wall.

The time may come when you may feel that the journey will never end.  You walk day after day and seem to make little progress.  Take a moment to rest, turn to look behind you.  See the path you are on, see that it vanishes in the distance. Know that you have traveled far.  Now close your eyes and open up to feel your surroundings.  Can you feel the love which is all around you?  Know that you are never alone, open your eyes and see the multitudes of angels before you.  Hear them speak to you “We are here to guide you. We have always been here and we always will be.  We do not judge you for what you think you have done wrong.  We only wait for you to ask us for our help.  It gives us great pleasure to assist you on your journey.  We are your brothers and sisters, our love for you is unconditional.  Accept our gifts to you.  Ask us to assist you.”

Turn back to the path before you.  Raise your eyes and look up to the horizon, see the glow of the Light in the distance.  It is a glorious sight.  Your journey nears an end.  Let your heart be filled with joy and rejoice in how far you have come.  Know that the trials you have faced were worth this effort.  Know in your heart that you will receive the richness of all you desire.  Those things and much more are yours for the asking.  You can accomplish more than you give yourself credit for.  You are your own limiting factor, release your limits.  You are children of God.  You are the Ambassadors of the Divine Light.  Be that which you are.  Go forth and shine your Light!  

Carrel Sheppard 2/15/11  


An Old Saying


“God helps those that help themselves.” The Archangel Michael gave a recent reminder that our actions are just as important as our thoughts.  Thinking about your desires is good but what are you doing about them? The Universe is waiting to help us. If you’re lost in the woods, take a step and look for the way, be open to following your intuition. You will receive help.

Carrel Sheppard 11/10/10 

The Acorn


The Acorn is but a small thing and so we also see ourselves as small.  We are much like the Acorn, we seem small but in fact we come from a great Oak Tree with heritage to match. We seem small; if we could see our future selves we would know we are a mighty Oak Tree too.


Carrel Sheppard 11/19/10 


Seeing Situations for the Lessons They Are


Just learning to see life’s situations for the lessons they are is an accomplishment in itself.  We come here to this life without the aid of a GPS to navigate around the swamps and quagmires in life so we all too often find ourselves stepping in them and getting our shoes dirty.  It’s not easy to see the lessons (traps) set out for us to learn from until we are in them or have been through them.  Oops stepped init again, all of life is a test to see if we have learned your lessons yet.  If we have not learned yet a new challenge to retest our knowledge and another chance to learn will be given us.  This is not a punishment; it’s the gift of a blessing to help us grow.

The object is to learn to see them before entering them.  Knowing what we should do or shouldn’t do is evidence of our growth.  Furthering our understanding to know where the higher good is and to keep out of the lessons of others, not to enable others by helping them avoid their lessons.  The help we give if any must not interfere with the life’s lessons of others, this would only cripple them further.  It could seem that this is a lack of compassion or caring but just the opposite is true.  What we want is for everyone to learn and grow to become better than they were with the freedom and happiness that is their God given birthright.

Carrel Sheppard  6/30/10 

The Illusion of Limitation


We live in a world of abundance; we live with the illusion of limits.  Limits put a cap on our ability to have the abundance which is our birth right as children of God.  To live a life free of limits we must change our thinking and stop chasing what we want and allow it to come to us.  I know you have heard this before in one form or another.  What you chase will run from you and when you stop chasing, it comes to you to see why you’re not playing the game anymore.  This isn’t part of any Secret, it’s deeper than that.

What will you allow to come into your life?

Carrel Sheppard 5/15/10 

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