Aurora Source Radiance

Aurora Source Radiance is a very high frequency Transformational Energy

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From General Comments

I am experiencing a lot of high vibrational moments and visitations.

...there is something strange that is happening to me in my relationships today people have reached out to me in an effort to continue/improve our relationships...

People with high energy and energy sensitivity at work seem to be more attracted to being around me today.

 ...this is a higher is the most powerful I have experienced and it has been with me all day.

I have an electric feeling to my auric field. 

...the energy feels icy/warm...

I AM releasing more ego attachments from many lifetimes.  This is a blessing to me, the energy I was receiving from you last night was just what I needed, trust that!

Comment from Wendy Gale

Carrel is a special being on this planet.  He brings us a healing modality so powerful it will change lives.  His work with disincarnate souls is a gift that few can offer.  But the most extraordinary gift this man brings is the gift of his beautiful heart.

Comments from Sharon

Thank you very much, Carrel, for all of the wonderful work you have done for our crystal studios, as well as for my business partner, me,.and our individual families too.  We appreciate your commitment to provide quality services to the Universe, timeliness, impeccable integrity, as well as your very high level of skill in the healing arts, and your ability to remove entities taking them to the light, cleaning and clearing of undesirable energies from people, buildings and objects virtually instantaneously.  Your ability to rebalance the body's energy systems to prevent healing crises.  Your Aurora Source work, including the infused crystals which I have worn 24/7 since the time I received it many months ago.  Additionally your long distance work is very powerful and I have highly recommended you to others. You are truly one of a kind and I am so appreciative of knowing you! 

Comment from RH

"Carrel's an expert, experienced immediate results. I Highly Recommend" RH 

Comment from Aida

Carrel removed a energy entity that I had in the back of my neck.  It had been itching and I was always scratching it.  Thanks to Carrel it's gone. Aida  

Comment from Aida

I bought a crystal infused with Aurora Source energy from Carrel, amazing energy and it is a great tool in listening to my intuition or channeling with. Thank you Carrel and Aurora Source. Aida 

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