Aurora Source Radiance

Aurora Source Radiance is a very high frequency Transformational Energy

 An Introduction to Aurora Source Radiance



The re-introduction of the Aurora Source Radiance energy to the earth has only been in recent years.  In 2009 the vibration rate of the Earth once again became high enough to access this energy.  In October of 2010 I became the steward of this energy upon requesting of God to have the energy to change my life.  I received that and much more, this energy not only set in motion amazing changes within me but also changes the lives of others in the same way as well.

The Aurora Source Energy is a conscious energy, this is to say it has awareness and responds to us as a beloved friend and adviser.  A key attributes of the Aurora Source Radiance Energy is in taking us on a personal exploration of our individual spiritual journey bringing out the unseen Divine talents we all have.  This journey with Aurora Source is about the empowerment of understanding “we are Divine Beings and co-creators” in every respect.  The expansiveness of this energy alone grants us the ability to hold more light through its benefits of being a catalyst for spiritual growth.  The Aurora Source Energy teaches its practitioners greater understanding through this spiritual expansion we receive in working together with the energy to approach healing and life in a different way.  The gain in greater understanding of spiritual lessons adds to the abilities of those who learn and work with the Aurora Source energy.  These abilities will present themselves as we grow and learn to flow within the Aurora Source energy.  The unfoldment of these abilities continues as we gain greater understanding. 


In healing we sense energies which are not in alignment or are not belonging to an individual.  It’s little understood how common these energies are in our world or in our bodies.  The medical profession is not equipped or very interested in looking for what they feel doesn't exist.  The human energy system is very complex; it’s so easy for us to overlook the complexities of these many energies.  This complexity makes it harder to detect the random energies we come into contact with and this is especially true for those intruding energies which purposely hide themselves from detection.  The energies can include past life traumas, current and past life relationships, and unresolved karmic energies which affect the current life’s health and/or personality.  Karma, if involved requires being adjusted before a lasting change can be made as well as working with the cellular memory of any discomfort/dis-ease.  

In our spiritual being we are limited by what we think and don’t think we can do.  The Aurora Source Energy works with us on both a conscious level and a much deeper level beyond our perception in assisting us to learn and expand past what we perceived our limitations to have been.

With the Aurora Source energy we more than follow in what others have learned before us.  We blaze new trails into building our own style exploring areas unseen before through the greater understanding gained while learning and practicing Aurora Source.  As we interact and respond on a personal level with the growth we see things differently investigating new possibilities.  Others will learn from our experiences as we continue to share and improve our abilities together in an ever growing community of practitioners.

In this Aurora Source is anything but a rigid system.  Aurora Source has a minimally defined structure yet is rich in content with vast potential.  This flexibility allows us to utilize our individual gifts to go beyond becoming a greater healer into increasing our spiritual knowledge at the same time. Sometimes a particular "gift" is not known to us, they do seem to present themselves as we grow to meet them.  We find our own flow within the Aurora Source Energy allowing us to bring the Divine self present within our being to an increased extent.


A Brief Description of Energy Medicine

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine lists Energy Medicine as one of its five categories.  Energy Medicine is divided into two sections, the focus here is the one known as Biofield energy healing, or Spiritual healing.

Reiki and Qigong are among the best known forms or modalities of Biofield energy healing, also known as spiritual healing.  There are so many other forms of spiritual healing modalities and variations of them, they are far too numerous to mention here. 

Many modalities practice several forms, contact healing or hands-on, close proximity or hands-off, and distant healing, energy which is sent from a long distance also called remote healing.   

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