Aurora Source Radiance

Aurora Source Radiance is a very high frequency Transformational Energy


     Aurora Source Infused Crystals

Aurora Source Infused Crystals are very powerfully energized crystals made available by the use of a high frequency Transformational energy.

The Aurora Source energy is a conscious energy providing healing required by the individual.  These crystals are also infused with Sacred Geometry to further enhance their power.

The crystals are infused, most have wire wrapping which is configured intuitively to intensify the energy field strength even more.  The Aurora Source energy is then locked in and negative energy is locked out to eliminate the need for the energetic cleansing of your crystal.

Beyond the health benefits Aurora Source Radiance is nothing less than a catalyst for Spiritual growth.  The Crystal is a tool for both growth and health.  Having an Aurora Source Infused Crystal with you during the day continually brings in the Light and is like having time release healing.

These Crystals are also useful to give people the feeling of what the energy is like before having an Aurora Source session as well as a reminder to refresh the body to the feeling of Aurora Source Energy after a session.

Aura Photography Scan

This crystal had just de-infused for the picture.  The Aurora Source Energy was still in the area around the crystal when the picture was taken.

In a way I'm glad the energy hadn't completely dissipated yet, the same energy shows up in the scan during the middle of an Aurora Source session.  


The crystal itself does not emit any noticeable Aura. 

Gold:  The color of high spiritual vibration, divine guidance and protection, spiritual energy and power activated and guided for the highest good.   

Red: Powerful, energetic, life-force, passionate


This scan is of the same Aurora Source Infused Crystal moments after being re-infused. 


It's in there somewhere, it impressed me with the Aura it produces.  I'd like to have this kind of an aura too. 

Lavender; Spiritual truth, purity of intention, love and vitality 

White: Very high spiritual vibration, a pure state of light, divine inspiration, spiritual, etheric and non-physical qualities, transcendent, higher dimensions 


General Information on the Resonance of Crystals / Minerals

With the Infusion of Aurora energy it matters little where the Crystal came from birth wise, Atlantean, Lemurian, or out of the back yard, it works well with them all.

Each will have its own personality, what matters most is how much this personality will want to work with you.

As strange as this will seem to some, every “rock” is alive and each has its own personality.  Just like humans, some will be your friend and others won’t.  If one doesn’t feel good to you, try another one until you find one that wants to work with you.

At one time I thought a Crystal’s resonance was fixed.  They resonates with you to some level depending on how much it matches your energy.  I have since learned they are more like people than I suspected.  They can change their mind too and "like" you more if you give them a good reason to.

In addition to this every “rock” can (usually will) hold information and it can change the information at times.  This information is like an Easter egg hunt, ask it if it has information to share with you.  Ask in private if you feel strange about this.  

The types of crystals we work with

Each mineral has its own properties and this will vary the characteristics of the resulting energy to some extent.  As we try different minerals and study the energy, we will add the ones giving the best range of benefits.  The only known group of minerals we are going to be working primarily with is those belonging to the Silicon Dioxide family, which is a very large group.  These are known to be able to take the high frequencies without causing damage to their structure.

Golden Quartz

The short description is that these are very "Expansive" in their energy, good for meditation and healing.

A more detailed listing will follow as we compare notes.


Clear Quartz

This Crystal brings in the LIGHT, I carry or ware one or more all day.  I also use them as Healing Tools.  No two Crystals are alike so each has its own look and personality.


Vogel Style or "Cut" Crystals


Any Vogel Crystals that I may offer here are NOT Real Vogel Crystals.  A “Real” Vogel Crystal cost a bit much (usually $500.00 and up) and for good reason.  Skill and knowledge of the crystal goes into the making of a “Real” Vogel which has a far greater energy output than any “out of the ground crystal” or “copy” has.  I won’t go into the particulars, you can find that on the internet.  I will say that from what I’ve seen and felt so far the “look alike” Vogel Cut/Style crystal once infused with Aurora Source Energy will produce a fine healing tool at cost which will fit into a budget. 

Testing with a “True” Vogel crystal shows that they are enhanced with the infusion of Aurora Source energy.  The true Vogel crystal works by the intension of the user and amplifies that energy to create a change.  The Aurora Source energy requires no guidance from the user as it is directed by the Divine intelligence.  A Vogel infused with Aurora Source energy increased the output by approximately 2 ½ times that of the Vogel’s energy alone.  The two energies working together seem to “play nice” and complement each other.  I have liked the feel of the energy and continue the research.


If you go shopping for a Real Vogel beware, I’ve seen sites selling them at a reasonable price for what is only an “inexpensive” copy while charging 10 times what they paid for them.  Know what you are getting.  


Other minerals in review

Rose Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Amethyst, Ametrine, Citrine, Garnet, Agate

The Research Continues

The research/learning has opened many new doors with regard to a greater number of possibilities.  The only limit seems to be the imagination.

1. A set of infused crystals is being developed to assist in spiritual growth.

            a. Expansion and Centering the Divine-self within the body

            b. Love and Compassion enhancement

            c. Karma and Blockages clearing

            d. Spiritual Growth enhancement

            e. Chakra, Aura clearing / enhancement

            f. Balancing, Grounding and Prosperity


The test results show that much of the time the intent of each crystal can be understood in a “blind test.”  In other words people can feel it.


2. Crystals have been infused with any Divine personality desired.

3. Crystals have been infused with the energies of the four elements.

4. Crystals have been infused to assist in learning spiritual lessons.

5. Crystals have been infused to assist in gaining spiritual knowledge.

6. Crystals have been infused with the properties of other minerals to enhance their ability to assist us in learning and healing without needing to carry a pocket full of stones.

As stated, this is limited only by the imagination of the individual and what is a Divinely correct purpose to use a crystal and the energy for.     

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