Aurora Source Radiance

Aurora Source Radiance is a very high frequency Transformational Energy

Aurora Source Radiance Training Outline


ASRT Level I

This class is the introduction to working with the Aurora Source energy.  The class covers how to connect with the energy for healing yourself and others.  This class covers the learning to connect to the Aurora Source energy to gain greater understanding in its use.  Learning to connect directly will increase the healing effectiveness and expands and grows the spiritual understanding.  The Level 1 class teaches the fundamentals of working with this Energy to gain greater understanding of the Aurora Source energy and to increase the fundamental knowledge of Aurora Source leading then to the Advanced Class.


Introduction to Aurora Source Radiance 

The introduction covers the origins of the Aurora Source energy and how will Aurora Source act in the terms of healing energy work with the individual and with those which we share it.  Along with talking about the unlimited use of the Aurora Source energy and greatly expanding our awareness with it’s of this energy.


The Importance of Aurora Source

The whats and whys of the Aurora Source energy, the Divine place in service to the greater good of humanity.  The continued building a community of Practioners and Masters to share new insights with our ever expanding undersatnding of this “Conscious Energy.”  Yes, a conscious energy, a living Divinely intelligent energy. 


The Fundamental Points

The Aurora Source energy is a Catalyst for Spiritual Growth.  The statement is simple and could be taken as so much marketing sales pitch.  The plain turth is “a Catalyst for Growth” in an understatement.  Under promised and over delivered on.  Anyone giving half an effort will gain growth, give Aurora Source your full attention and amazing growth will happen.

The rest of this section speaks of knowing what is karmicly correct when using Aurora Source, trusting this energy and trust the energy you are delivering is correct and appropriate in everyway at all times while trust in your intuition to be in the right spot at the right time.


The Attunement and Integration with Aurora Source

Several attunement are part of this level.  Along with a discussion on connecting with the energy for both healing, further understanding and for spiritual growth.  During these times of connection we become more “in tune” with the energy.


Session Work with Aurora Source

We discuss giving a session in person and doing remote healing work.

Practice Sessions are included with the Aurora Source energy and fellow students.   


Aurora Source Level I

This is a one day class. (5 hours or so)

The class investment is $300.00






ASRT Advanced Level


Improving your Skills and Understanding of Aurora Source

With the first level the skill has been gained in working with the Aurora Source energy itself.  Now it’s time to start adding tools to enhance the capabilities.  The Advanced class is where the student learns to work with the energy on a much finer level with greater ability and understanding.  The class work enters into working with crystals and some advanced healing techniques are learned to bring your knowledge to an expanded level further increasing your healing abilities. 


When to direct your intention to guide Aurora

Gaining Resonance with the client

Resonating with the client is a way to be in sync with the energy of those being worked with.  At times people which are more sensitive than most will come to you seeking your assistance, use this tool if they seem uncomfortable with the energy.  This is also recommended for the very young, much older and very ill people coming for assistance.



Some modalities speak of a “healing crisis.”  This was passed to me during training although the cause and cure were a mystery.  During the learning of Aurora Source the answers were found and this is included in the advanced level and suggested to be used at the end of every healing session to prevent a healing crisis from occurring.


Removing cords, hands-on and remotely

Cording happens daily, most of the time cording is alright.  Some times the cording is of a less than Divine nature and even detrimental to the health and well being.  


Blocking the reattachment of cords to a client

The blocking of cords is very useful when protecting yourself or a client against repeated occurrences from incarnates or entities.  It matters not if they're malicious entities, co-workers or family members in a hostile relationship. 


Working with groups

The concentration required is at a higher level to sustain the energy flow over a large area.  This is much the same as working with an individual in a session, the group session expands the focus to covering an entire group.  With practice the energy level and the distance will increase.




The old days of putting the Crystals out in the Moon light and Sun light or placing them in salt are over.  A Crystal can be energetically cleaned in just a few seconds.


Sealing of Crystals

Once a Crystal has been cleaned it can be protected from gathering further impurities by a process of blocking those from sticking to the Crystal.  This will not stop the Crystal from drawing those lower vibrational energies from of us as part of the service they give.



Now that the Crystal has been prepared with a cleaning and sealing it is ready to have energy placed into it.  This skill begins with the Aurora Source energy first at limited levels then building as the skill is practiced.


Food and water

Blessing and Infusing

Your vibrational rate changes thought out your life and as you learn.  Blessing the food you eat and bringing it up to your vibration puts what you eat on the same energy level as you are and infusing it raises it one better to fuel you in a new way.


The Aurora Advanced Level Class

This is a one day class (5 hours or so)

(Minimum of 2 months of Level I study)

The class investment is $300.00






ASRT Master Level


Aurora Source Master

The classroom instruction in the Master level is covered in about a 6 hour period.  This consists of receiving information along with hands on practice sessions to develop these new skills.  This class enables students to grow further shining as the Divine being they are with greater understanding of “knowing” in how to work beyond what was previously thought to be their limits.


The Infusing of Crystals

The adding of any Divine energy to a Crystal is learned in this section of the instructions.  Any energy from Angelic to the Aurora Source energy itself can be directed into a Crystal.


Re-resonating a Crystal

The process of changing the resonance of a Crystal is one seldom heard of if at all.  We find Crystals which feel good to us and those which don’t. This is a product of how well they relate with us as individuals.  This inter-relational resonance can be adjusted with the understanding of the Divine essence of minerals. 


Transferring Information Downloads to Crystals

Placing information into Crystals is a wonderful way to bring someone the lessons most needed for their growth or health.


Transferring Requested/Beneficial Divine Information Directly

The learning of transferring directly will come to those who have worked at using Crystals to transfer information.  The internal safeguards of the Aurora Source energy prevents anyone’s Ego from transferring information which is less than Divine.


Shields for Protection

Constructing shields for general protection and constructing shields for specialized protection in both selective and variable shields.


Raising the Vibratory Rate in an Area

The discussion covers the scope and duration with the instructions to construct a field of energy with your intentions.  (By the time people have been practicing and learning Aurora Source long enough to take the master class intentions with energy is a good friend)


Working towards a full Integration with Aurora Source

Being a Master means knowing that with which you work on a personal basis.  After the class we are not just yet truly Masters with this energy.  The final step in Aurora Source is to continue to learn the newest tools from this level and be well versed in them.  Having studied well and practiced diligently the time may come to step up to be a teacher and / or study the higher frequency version of Aurora Source called Aurora Trinity with more tools brining even greater abilities.


Aurora Source Master Class

The material covered in this class will take about 6 hours.

Minimum of 4 months working at the Advanced Level is required

The class investment is $300.00






Aurora Source Master / Teacher Training


The objectives tell the whole story on this class.


Demonstrate you know it and can do it all

Receive a Teaching attunement

Teaching and attuning to Aurora Source

Take the lead in teaching classes (with assistance)



Aurora Source Master / Teacher Class

This is a 4 hour class, plus the teaching of of all three class levels

A minimum of 6 months of active Master Level work, plus a demonstration of proficiency.

The class investment is Free beyond the motivation and time of the student who feels called to assist others to learn. 


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