Aurora Source Radiance

Aurora Source Radiance is a very high frequency Transformational Energy

The Divine Plan and Trust


The Divine Plan

Our Souls have a plan.  We being incarnates usually have our own plans which very often conflict with the Divine plan.  The Divine plan is well conceived and carefully scripted to achieve a potential goal.  It is said “potentials” for the Divine plan requires cooperation to be completed.  If we fight the Divine plan or we are otherwise not in harmony with it the flow of the plan is disrupted inhibiting the goal from being reached.  Flow is also stated because all that is Divine is energy, Divine energy moves much like a fluid, when the channel is open the flow is unrestricted.

The Divine plan has many conditional check points which require being completed in order to continue to the main objective.  The human perspective of these check points would be to label them as “blockages.”  The suggestion is to view them as learning opportunities.  The concept of a loving mentor placing obstacles in our path to punish us is invalid.  These conditional points are presented for our education, if the required lesson has been learned the flow is open to proceed, if not the flow is diverted in another direction.  The amount of conditional points has no set number it depends on the Souls objectives.



I trust you know how hard it is for most of us to trust.  We’re called upon to trust everyday only for not being able to watch everything that’s going on personally.  That statement was partially tongue in cheek.  Most of us have given trust and gotten hurt as part of the lessons in life.  Then we’re asked to trust in the Divine Plan and we can’t even see it, on top of that most of us don’t know what it’s doing all day.  Perhaps some Faith is also needed here.  

To be a little more serious, God/Creator/Spirit . . . has unconditional love for us and only our best interest in mind.  Trusting in the Divine Plan takes a bit of effort in coming to terms with from the human perspective although we have no valid reason to withhold our trust.  Trusting in the Divine is very important!  Now go back and read that sentence two more times.  I can’t stress how important it is to learn to Trust in the Divine.   

Carrel 1/28/13 

Another Early Morning Message

The only gauge of our existence is the extent of our energy. It is only the Light we produce that is used to measure our accomplishments for that is the accomplishment. The impact of what we become during each visit here leaves its indelible mark on the earth in the form of residual energy patterns. This water mark as it were stays behind as testimony of our achievement (or not) in setting a new base line of which the next generation will inherit as their starting point in physical life here. It’s through this energy system we build civilizations or destroy them depending on the sum of the group decisions made and the accumulated energies.

During our growth as incarnate beings we may come to the point at which we feel compelled to look for the creator. Armed only with our internal compass of intuition to guide us we rise above the incarnate encumbrance setting sail on the oceans of spirituality. In seeking our higher natures and the love of God we find the path to build a planet which knows only peace and harmony. 

When enough of the beings feel called to become spiritually oriented we tip the scale of planetary energies starting a Shift into the next level of consciousness. We are now and have been in this cascade of energy for eighteen years. The snowball, as it were is gathering up speed (and more Light) as it goes down the slope. Enjoy the ride as we bounce along and keep gathering your Light, we can not have too much Light and it allows the Shift to become easier for everyone. The destination is just where we’ve wanted to go for a long time, a higher vibrational peaceful world to live in and a better way of thinking.

Carrel 8/28/12 

Will being Sheilded serve you well?


At times we can feel overwhelmed especially in our earlier years of learning.  The world with all of its energies surrounding us in constantly interaction on our senses takes skill to manage.  We call for help from our guides and the Angels asking to be shielded from all that troubles us.  Our wound feels protected under the bandage of a shield from being pocked by the stimulations outside.


In days past learning well to place shields and barriers to block the energies this became a way of life living within protection.  At a point it became clear these shields do not serve the highest good in the long run.  The downside to being shielded is when we are held back by what is protecting us to be restrained from learn.  A shield inhibits the progress in learning to “handle” the energy we’re hiding from.  This is to say we can’t hide a book and expect to read it too.  Being exposed teaches us management which desensitizes us to the energy from which we were hiding.  Constructing selective shields or variable shielding is less commonly thought of which seems the best temporary solution if used judiciously.  The general shield blocks out things we would desire to know as well as what we don’t want.  Shields can block out psychic awareness and communications from guidance and others slowing our progress.


We all seem to meet people who are very sensitive and being overcome by all of the energies finding no peace from them.  Shields are useful when applied to “limit the overload” while still allowing us to learn the management of energy.  As we learn the management of energies we find the need and desire to hide behind a shield is pointless.  At this time we can drop all of the shields and barriers becoming open to receive and perceive that which is around us.  

Carrel  1/15/12 

Understanding the "Healing Crisis"


In the training of some of the major modalities there is a term called “The Healing Crisis.”  This term is one which is not that often spoken of to the client as it could predispose them to have one.  This is true to for some clients and others have had one anyway.


First of all the name is a misnomer, there is no “crisis.”  I believe the name came to be due to a lack of understanding what the cause was.  To understand the chain of event leading to this “crisis” I will offer this analogy.


Let’s say you carry a thirty pound suitcase in the same hand all day long for years.  You somewhat learn to compensate and adjust the extra weight on one side of your body.  One day someone tells you that you can put it down.  Doing this you feel off balance as you are accustom to the extra weight which was really keeping you from being balanced in the first place.


That thirty pound suitcase is actually blockages and the need to have some house cleaning done in your body and/or bioelectric/auric field.  When this clearing accrues on a large enough scale it can seem like you are “now” out of balance which is only to say you don’t feel the same as you did.  At this point your physical and bioelectrical centers are displaced and no longer in harmony.  This leads to feeling out of sorts or even ill in more extreme cases for a day or two.


The resolution and prevention to this is to readjust the physical and bioelectrical centers after doing major work with a client or even if you suspect you may have done so.


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