Aurora Source Radiance

Aurora Source Radiance is a very high frequency Transformational Energy


General Questions

  1. When did Aurora Source start?

    The Aurora Source energy has been here as long as creation. This energy is a facet of God’s energy (Source) so this energy has always been here waiting to be seen again.

  2. What is the history of Aurora Source?

    This energy known as Aurora Source today has been used in many times and in many places; the most resent on earth was in Atlantis. The name was different then but the energy hasn’t changed. When Atlantis was lost so was the wide spread use of this energy.

  3. Why is this energy back now?

    We are now entering a time of great change; the Aurora Source energy has a benefit of assisting people to learn and grow spiritually besides better health. At this time especially we could use all the help we can get to prepare ourselves for the changes ahead.

  4. What are the benefits to learning the Aurora Source energy?

    The Aurora Source energy has great abilities in healing and spiritual growth. The more we learn the greater we can use energy to benefit others and ourselves. Aurora Source will supply the tools to work with and we supply the knowing to use these tools efficiently. This knowing comes in the form of learning from this energy itself. What will be experienced is beyond what had been considered to be possible before. Our culture is not set-up to understand this type of learning although this the simplest way to learn. Aurora Source is a very powerful energy when needed to be or is gentle when required. Metatron has said “the Aurora Source energy affects the structure of everything.” As wonderful as Aurora Source is, healing is not its highest use. After the first two months of working with the Aurora Source energy it began to be noticed that many changes were occurring beyond its incredible usefulness in healing work. The changes were slow at first gaining in speed as time passed as the foundation for further growth was set in place. The abilities produced by the spiritual growth have given a greater effectiveness and ease in assisting with the healing needs of those seeking help.

  5. How will I know if learning Aurora Source is right for me?

    The best way to start is to “feel” the energy for yourself. If you feel the energy is very comfortable to you and gives you a deep feeling of restfulness, then you are assured the energy will suit you well. The next step is in learning what the objectives of the training to use Aurora Source are. Talking with other students to see what their experiences are will also be very beneficial.

  6. How does Aurora Source differ from other healing energies?

    All healing energies are not the same, they use different frequencies. Each will have its area of greatest effectiveness, how broad this area is depends on the abilities of the practitioner and the energy itself. The Aurora Source energy spans a wide area which encompasses the physical body, the energetic bodies and the emotional bodies.

    It requires to be said that as with any endeavor you desire to pursue, you will only gain as much reward from your efforts as you are willing to expend to learn and practice. Each will be rewarded in kind, those “too busy” will not gain as much, and those having the desire will excel in many ways. With Aurora Source we see the gain exceeds the efforts. The decision is a personal choice on our paths to be weighed and acted upon as we feel called to do.


  7. What are some of the things I could hope to learn?

    The Aurora Source Radiance Technique (full name) covers a wide range; removing cords is fairly common, blocking the reattachment of karmicly incorrect cords is very rare. A substantial area in healing which also brings profound results is the removal of attached thought form objects, blockages and obstructions of any type, sentient or otherwise. The blocking of repeat occurrences of attachments helps to sustain the well being, coupled with specialized controllable shielding for those who are more sensitive than others to assist them in living day to day in comfort from physic overload while they learn to manage the energies around them. The infusion of energies from Divine personalities into crystals and other objects is unknown at these levels elsewhere beyond a few select Holy Men scattered around the world.

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