Aurora Source Radiance

Aurora Source Radiance is a very high frequency Transformational Energy

Aurora Source Radiance

A Tool for Personal Transformation

We are given access to the tools which are useful to us when our energy and that of the Earth is correct and appropriate.  Each energy we receive becomes a stepping stone for our further development and growth as spiritual beings preparing us for the next step.

On 10/5/2010 (this date in numerology talks about the beginnings of a catalytic change) as I was preparing to attend a 10/10/10 event when I received the first waves of energy which became known as Aurora Source Radiance.  At the time I had little knowing of what was ahead of me and just as well.  The journey has brought non-stop rapid growth which is still continuing after the six year anniversary of becoming the Steward of this energy.

In short the Aurora Source Radiance energy is a means to rapidly grow in spiritual understanding becoming multidimensionally self-empowered.  To clarify this a bit, many have and still do talk about self-empowerment through the means of our Intellect.  Since the Intellect is limited to 3D concerns those wishing to be more spiritual are not served by that limited version.  Multidimensional self-empowerment is aimed at our Spiritual consciousness in ways no 3D form of communication could as our Spiritual Consciousness doesn't understand any linear language.  Since our Spiritual Consciousness connects us to "all that is," this is our gateway to greater understanding.

Self-empowerment is our goal even if we haven?t seen it yet.  In self-empowerment ?we? learn to be the creator and learn to work as a team member with the greater parts of us which didn't enter into this three dimensional world we?re in.  Nothing much happens until we?re ready to step away from what we thought we were building a new relationship with our greater aspects.  Self-empowerment is the primary goal of Aurora Source Radiance.  Everything "we" wanted to be springs from empowering ourselves.  No matter what it is it all becomes ours as we grow in understanding and wisdom.


There are many things to learn, one is, everything is energy.  We think of energy as being something we can?t touch but it extends beyond that.  Everything we see is made from energy, everything we don?t see is also energy.  The energy of the universe is more than just static, it?s a Divine energy being self-aware.  This can be a challenging concept for some to grasp as those energies are multidimensional and we?re for the most part not equipped to see them.  Just because we don't see those or can?t measure them doesn't mean they aren't there.  The solid forms of energy are those things around us we use to build physical structures with and eat.  The intangible energies are the ones we are most familiar and comfortable with.  The intangible energy exists in every form ranging from those which no longer serve us to those of the highest vibration.  Our bodies are formed by complex energy fields.  In the past years we can now photograph the Aura energy field, this is only the beginning.  An advantage to specializing in working with energy is a wider understanding of how and why they?re where they are. 


We've been through so many incarnations.  In each one we pick up lower energies deriving from off world implants to injuries and traumas from our incarnations.  These energies can manifest themselves as emotional challenges, physical health challenges or spiritual blockages many times contributing to discomfort.  We carry these energies around into each new incarnation.  From my experience and information these energies are not automatically dropped.  If we see them and work past them we needn't keep them with us any longer.  Some of these are even cloaked from detection or hidden in our chakras to further avoid detection.  Yet others seem to follow the "onion principal" not surfacing to be healed until it's time.  Once detected these can be skillfully removed unless they?re part of the karmic experience, if karma is involved the karma will need to be cleared first.  No one is immune from these energies, its part of our incarnations and the learning experience to see them for what they are.


Many wouldn't think they could be affected by an unseen force of subtle energy.  The universe has its plan on what people think or don?t think is real.  Some would say Free Will determines how the universe reacts to the thoughts of the individual but this has little effect on the outcome of making choices of actions to follow bringing Karma into play in this as well.


The subtle energies we work with are related to Karma and could be considered as a subset to karma called ?Cause and Effect.?   These energies may or may not have karma associated with them.   


The metaphor of the Tire and Nail can demonstrate what?s being suggested.

The tire is your energy system, when you have a flat tire you may find a nail (subtle energy) in the tire which is responsible for the loss of air pressure (energy).  Even if the nail is no longer there the wound is still present allowing air to escape.  Finding the nail or where the nail was leads to the repair (correction) of the tire restoring the integrity.


So many people have been helped to feel better or progress faster by correcting subtle energies.  These energies are outside the knowledge of allopathic medicine.       


The goal of anyone working in the field of Energy Medicine is to manipulate the energy for a positive outcome by cleaning and / or realigning discordant energy to restore balance to the body?s energy system.  


Numerology and the Aurora Source Energy

The time has come when I felt curious enough to sit down and check the numerology of the name Aurora Source Radiance Technique.

"Appropriate spiritual action in completion with the acceptance of a catalytic energy for Mastery" 

This numerical value brings the validation for what is experienced by those opening their hearts to work with this energy.

It brings about a transformation. 

Aura Photography Scans

 Preparing for Aurora Source Energy  

Indigo: Intuitive understanding, observant, aware, open-minded, use their imagination, inspiration, creativity, healing.

Magenta: Innovated, strong-willed, determined, inventive, imaginative 

Pink: Shows a purity of intention, love, vitality

Violet: Spiritual, mystical, looks for magical solutions, visionaries, always see the big picture, search for the truth, questioning, take everything at face value, tends to be intuitive, and unconventional. 


Beginning the Aurora Source session


My right hand seems to be the focal point for the energy. 

Indigo: Intuitive understanding, aware, healing

Pink: Purity of intention, love, vitality

Magenta: Innovative, strong-willed, determined, inventive, imaginative 
Violet: Spiritual, search for the truth, intuitive 

White: Very high spiritual vibration, a pure state of light, divine inspiration, spiritual, etheric and non-physical qualities, transcendent, higher dimensions


In the middle of the Aurora Source session


I was not expecting the Gold color to show up, or our faces to be white.  I have no complaints though, it’s Divine.  The Aurora Source energy is/has Divine intelligence so I’m glad to see this in the Aura photos to demonstrate the point. 

Gold:  The color of high spiritual vibration, divine guidance and protection, spiritual energy and power activated and guided for the highest good.   

Clear Red: Powerful, energetic, life-force, passionate

Deep Red: Grounded, realistic, active, strong will-power

White: Very high spiritual vibration, a pure state of light, divine inspiration, spiritual, etheric and non-physical qualities, transcendent, higher dimensions 

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